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An Apology.

Squish a posted Jun 8, 13
Hello Everyone,
It has been a while indeed, but real life has had its jaws planted deep. I am glad to see fresh faces and the old faces coming on once a while. :) 
I am sorry I haven't been on like I should; and I am also sorry that I neglected this family. Just remember you are all awesome!
Anyways, if anyone needs anything, or needs to talk; I am here :) 

Tc of your selves.
Bon if anyone see this please pm me in game /t o6o thank you
Bon anyone has a contact to the current leader i want to rebuild the guild thanks..!
AmethystDemon wow bro yea know life been keeping ya busy but u can stop by and say hi or come n chill with us(me) for a like a min or ...
Hello Guys,

Hello guys the current link is changing to you can still use for some time but eventually it will be removed.

I will try to retrieve my account to login from time to time as well on EE. Unless i got hacked again lol. Anyway anyone else playing GW2 as well? if so you can join me on Ring of Fire Realm! 

Miss you guys =(

Best regards,
Hello guys,
First of all i hope you guys are still enjoying yourself a lot. anyway it's busy times for me and i am currently moving to a new house, this means that Teamspeak 3 will be down for a few days somewhere in the next week.
Once i got my server up again on my new home you will not have to change any IP.
Wish you guys the best and a lot of fun.

Best regards, KillerCore

KillerCore a UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!!!. Might be that in the upcomming days that it's down again for small times. as i will be lay...
KillerCore a EDIT: 07-05-2012 i will get internet in my new home. so we will be moving upcomming weekend. TS might be down for 1/2 da...
Squish a Why Ty :3

Staff Application (Closed)

Squish a posted Mar 12, 12
Hello Everyone,

It has been decided to open up the application form for the staff position "Reaper", since there will be a Guild Re-structure in terms of Current Reapers and and Guardians. The application can be found in the header of this page.

If you wish to submit please bear in mind:
1) You must be of the rank "Undertaker" and above.
2) Must understand the responsibilities the rank entails.

Once an Application is submitted, it will be reviewed and the applicants will undergo a secondary screen.

Thank you =D
Shirayuukie Reaper*
Shirayuukie if there ever is an opening, I'd love to become a repeat ^_^
FoxHoundXV Lol i want to be a reaper also ;o

Territory Wars.

Squish a posted Jan 3, 12
Hello Everyone,
Since we are trying to get more active in Territory Wars; A proposal was made to make a guide for the Territory wars to better serve the Guild, but most importantly, to be on the same page in the basic knowledge of conducting a war.
Any comments or strategies should be placed there. Reapers can Discuss with each other in their own section.
Thank you for your time.
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